OUDATTARS is an oud collection created by XERJOFF. Inspired on the ancient arabian art of parfumery making, the traditional perfumes called Attars, or Mukhallats, that consists of six oils.

King Masarat attar: combines two traditions of European and Arabian perfume making. From Europe it took a floral-aldehydic part; a traditional mixture of rose and oud oils from the Middle East. In this composition the oud plays many roles at once. It replaces the combination of oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli in the classical chypre structure. A master of disguise, rich and multifaceted oud also presents all animalic nuances in the composition, which are also important in the chypre trail to contrast with soapy clean top notes.

Java Blossom attar: distinguishes itself from the rest in the collection by a soft smokiness that Haitian vetiver and patchouli produce. The oud note participates in it as well. Gradually fresh green notes and lactonic sweet tuberose appear through a smoky cloud. Flowers keep it from slipping into a popular trend of whiskey-tobacco manly scents. You smell them together with everything around woods, needles and leaves on the ground. Patchouli in the trail produces a powdery chocolate nuance, and it goes very well with oriental vetiver, but with development the perfume goes farther from the Orient, and closer to Europe.

Black Sukar attar: is very unusual for a Middle East fragrance. This fresh and light attar begins with sparkling citrus notes. Orange, neroli and petitgrain make the traditional woody-animalic oud sweeter, greener and fresher. This is the most tender and feminine, the most European attar. The jojoba oil base also benefits women’s skin, because attar is usually used very generously, not only behind the ears.

Warda Al Oud attar: is a traditional (and very loved by Muslim pilgrims) attar of rose and oud. The powdery sweetness of rose oil transforms into a rose peta jam a nuance characteristic for rose absolute but then it travels back to powdery rose, slightly metallic and mineral. This perfume is more about rose than oud. 

Oud Luban attar: is a very traditional attar – the oud in it completes the marriage of saffron and pink pepper. The spices and woody-amber heart, which is sweet as cherry jam with pits or cherry-scented tobacco.

Kampuchea Noir attar: is 100% pure, first grade Cambodi Oud oil. Distilled from aged wild, Meghalayan aquilaria, agallocha oud chips. It ranks as the oldest, wildest, and rarest Cambodi, offering to grace XERJOFF OUD collection yet. 


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