Inspired by the great classic perfumes of old. Reinvented to be current and contemporary. Established in London in 2012, SHAY & BLUE is a boutique perfumery based in London's Marylebone. We take a 'boutique' point of view. A boutique point of view means personal passion. It means a concern for detail and craftsmanship. It means that we work with our hands.

That we work with the chosen few - the skilled craftsmen and artisans of traditional fine fragrance.

Many perfumes smell the same… lacking in authenticity or integrity… because the strange truth is that they are anonymous products churned out in factories in their millions.

At SHAY & BLUE, our creators Dom De Vetta and Julie Massé have a vision to uphold the age-old and traditional craft of fine perfumery. A commitment to create fragrances of quality by championing a new generation of craftsmen. By nurturing their expertise.

We seek out the men and women who have learned the patient, traditional skills of working with real flowers, fruit and spices. The people who have carefully and quietly acquired an invaluable expertise.

London-based expert craftsmen and women take delivery of the precious distilled fragrance oils from Grasse. In their fine fragrance atelier in East London, they mix the oils to the correct temperature.

The blends are left to stand... to mature for over three months. For richness and depth. Later, filling carefully, by hand, into exquisite smoky blue glass.

Hand harvesting. Hand weighing. Hand distilling. With a level of passion care, and attention that mass-production can’t rival.


Ca Fleure Bon Best of Scent Awards

Julie Massé is SHAY & BLUE’s perfumer, also known as 'the nose'. For SHAY & BLUE’s creative director, Dom De Vetta, Julie was the obvious choice. A new generation talent in her twenties, Julie has a flair for creating modern, unique scents. Dom's search for a contemporary, next-generation perfumer ended as soon as he discovered her.

Dom De Vetta created SHAY & BLUE in London in 2012. He is a veteran of quality fragrance, and a seeker of the finest talent in perfumery. Dom has spent most of his twenty-year career in the world of perfume. He is a former Senior Vice President at Chanel, and was the Global General Manager of Jo Malone London.

Together, this talented duo are the creators of SHAY & BLUE.

A boutique company established to create richly decadent fragrances.

A boutique perfumery of craftsmanship and quality.

Accept no imitations.

A story about independent perfumers featuring SHAY & BLUE founder Dom de Vetta

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