XERJOFF is an olfactory exploration of the art of perfumery. A fusion of mans ability to create and natures ability to provide. Only few creations have ever been able to successfully merge the two together, one of which is XERJOFF perfumes.The XERJOFF collection consists of the following collections: Join the Club, Shooting Stars, XJ17-17, Oud Stars and Oud attars.

Created by an international team of master perfumers directed by Sergio Momo (founder and perfumer of XERJOFF), XERJOFF is a journey to the most precious realm in the world of luxury fragrances; the place where the magical affinity between the wonders of Nature and exquisite Italian craftsmanship is celebrated.

Through years of development, XERJOFF has gained strong alliances with many renowned Italian artists who collaborate closely to create the rare and precious art pieces. International and Italian noses, painters and sculptors, jewelry designers and glassblowers, diamond cutters and wood engravers work in harmony to create the precious scents created in Grasse (South of France), Spain and Italy.

The result is a series of unique creations of limited edition availability reserved for only the truest of connoisseurs.

The XERJOFF collection of perfumes is the result of a unique synthesis of the ancient rites of nature and the very latest technological research. An exquisite blend of handpicked essences combined with an equally innovative extraction process, produces a union of exceptional quality.

This meticulous attention to detail extends right through to the presentation. Each individual scent is offered in a sequentially numbered, limited edition, hand-crafted, sculptural bottle, carved and moulded from precious materials including quartz stones, bronze and gold, Murano and fine Tuscan glass productions.

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